Frugal & Healthy Meal Plan, Week of 1/17/11

[my chili pie, cooked in a cast iron skillet]
 The Daniel Fast is officially over for us, and it's nice to be able to plan some of our more regular meals again.  I'm anticipating a loaf or two of buttery homemade bread this week...  and muffins...  and maybe even cake.  Mmmm!

Here's what we'll be having ~

Oat groats with fruit and maple syrup
Egg frittata with carmelized onions and sour cream
Sunny side up eggs, over toast
Oat pancakes with maple syrup and banana slices
Maple pecan muffins

Turkey sandwiches
Egg salad sandwiches
Bacon and cheddar sandwiches
Leftovers x2

Spaghetti with bacon, onions, and tomato
Potato soup with homemade pretzel bread
Crockpot enchiladas (similar to this recipe, but with garlic and onion), rice
Rigatoni with chicken and zucchini, side salad
Chili pie with homemade pretzel bread

What's on your menu?  Any favorite meal ideas?

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  1. Dear Jamie,
    As I glanced over your list I thought - my goodness, they do have a big breakfast following their fast, then I saw the s - breakfasts not just one breakfast!
    In my oven at the moment is a savoury-pull apart bread, I just place the dough for the buns close together in the tin and sprinkle with grated cheese and chives or sliced sun-dried tomatoes. I have also been making pickled cucumbers - they are so easy and my children love them. The summer heat has arrived and my cucumber vine is dripping with fruit. This is how I ensure I use them up but my neighbour also keeps leaving me cucumbers on the doorstep. Must be a good season for cucumbers! I will do a post on this easy preserve soon but it is the wrong season for you!

  2. @Ann, you made me laugh! Yes, that would be a very large breakfast! :) As for your cucumber vine dripping with fruit, well, as you know it's very cold and snowy here...I'll admit I'm a tad jealous of your warm weather and veggie abundance ;) And, if you decide to share that pull apart bread recipe, be sure to let me know! It sounds yummy! xoxo

  3. Looks delicious! I can't believe your fast is over already. It seems it went so... well.... FAST. :-) Some of the things on the menu this week are chili, baked potato soup, pinto bean burritos, and homemade pizza. Have a great week!

  4. Pretzel bread sounds soooo good right now!

  5. @Lisa - YOU may think it went fast, but to me it seemed so S L O W, lol ;) I'm glad we did it, but I'm also glad it's over! xoxo

  6. So many yummy things to try! I tried your maple pecan muffins a while back and they were SOOO good! I had forgotten about them until I hopped over from Time Warp Wife! I am going to be making them tomorrow!

  7. Crystal, I'm so glad you liked them! They're a favorite around our house!

  8. Sounds like a delicious week! Mmmm, frittata with caramelized onions!

    I can't pass up an opportunity to share my favorite frugal, healthy, quick-to-make from shelf-stable ingredients, delicious recipe: Honey Baked Lentils.


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