Simple Morning Oats With Walnuts and Raisins

At my oldest son's request, we had oat "groats" again this morning... whole, yummy, easy oats :)  Although I fixed a bowl for him before I began snapping photos, he had somehow made it back for seconds before I could finish.

Here's our way of preparing morning oats ~

The night before, bring one cup of whole oat groats and three cups of water to a gentle boil for about five minutes.  Remove from heat and cover.

The next morning, tilt the lid so that the pot is only partially covered and simmer another 30-40 minutes, until oats groats are tender.

In a small bowl, add a couple tablespoons of chopped nuts and raisins...

Then a heaping spoonful or two of the cooked oats...

Add a drizzle (or more!) of real maple syrup and you are well on your way to a yummy, healthy, and very frugal breakfast.

Have I mentioned that I can usually find organic whole oat groats for less than .99 lb?  Somehow that helps them taste even better :)  And, when I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll triple the recipe so that there's extra to set aside for the remainder of the week.

Next time, you might want to try this with a little homemade almond paste mixed in.  It's delicious, too!

What are you cooking for breakfast this week? 

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  1. That sounds REALLY healthy. I am going to have to find out if my health store sells whole oats cause I am thinking that that would be the only place where you could find them. Oh ya, I am also going to try out the almond paste.


    PS Try this; when the oats are cooked, break an egg and stir in the just the yoke and then fold in the egg white that has been whipped to form a peak. It makes the oatmeal have a pudding like consistency.

  2. Hi Cherylg! Let me know what you think... and yes, your health food store should sell them. Your best bet it to buy them from a store with bulk bins; they are expensive when you have to buy them in those little packages. Hope you enjoy! :)

  3. That does look delicious. I was drawn to reading this for its simplicity.

  4. Yummy, this is my kind of breakfast, and the children's too!
    thanks for sharing

  5. Are oat groats the same as Old Fashioned Oats??

  6. KoreeBelle, no, they are not. Old fashioned oats (from my experience) are typically flaked oats, and oat groats are the whole oats, before they've been flaked, cut, etc. They are longer and plumper in appearance, kind of like rice, and are more chewy than they are mushy. Hope that helps!


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