An Update on Learning to Read

I'm very pleased with the progress Gentry's made in reading so far this year.  Last school year ended well, with much emphasis on three letter words, and this year we've been enjoying Rod & Staff's reader series "We Learn About God."  Some of the words he's learned have been rather difficult, such as "everything" and "said" and "light," and he's been a real soldier, learning them all.  We're also still progressing through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

And yes, we "do" homeschool at the formal dining table, with the table pad in place to protect my tabletop... lol :)

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  1. That is great. I am a little nervous about teaching my own daughter how to read one day. She is almost 3 and we have been doing preschool right now. :)


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