A Gift from my Mother and an Heirloom for my Children: My RL Allan Bible

Over the summer, my sweet mama ordered the most beautiful bible as a birthday gift for me, one that I have admired for quite some time ~ it looks slightly antiqued; Victorian, perhaps ~ and is bound with a fantastic goatskin leather ~

It has been on back-order ever since she placed the order, finally arriving last week.  I jumped and twirled in sheer joy when my father brought it over that day!  Yes, I was quite a sight, I am sure :)

It is my intent to use this as my "carry around" bible, to church and bible study, etc ~

Made in Scotland by a small family owned company (and distributed by Evangelical Bible in the USA), R.L. Allan pays superior attention to detail, crafting bibles that easily become heirlooms within families.  This particular bible was printed at Oxford University Press, on India paper ~

This is my second R.L. Allen bible (my other, the Reader's ESV, I use for morning reading) and it will be a joy to pass these on to my children one day, well-marked and tenderly worn, with all the richness and care than a mama can possibly pass down a bible with ~

I especially love the full yapp that my bible has; not only is the full yapp especially elegant, it also serves to protect the gilded pages inside.

This bible will be treasured for years to come; not only because it is the inspired word of my loving Lord, not only because of its enduring elegance and craftsmanship, but because it was a thoughtful gift from my precious mother.

Do you have a bible that you intend to make a family heirloom?


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  1. Jamie,

    Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of your new Bible. Once someone gets their hands on a fine Bible like an R.L. Allan, it's hard to go back to the typical store bought imitation leather Bible so common these days. One small correction: the ESV Readers is semi yapp, not full yapp, but that's still a lot more yapp than the typical Bible today!

    In answer to your question, your post has got me thinking about the subject. I guess since I have four kids, I now have an excuse to get four R. L. Allans! I currently own a black ESV1 and LOVE it.

    Thanks again and enjoy your beautiful new Bible!

  2. Brett ~

    Thank you :) This bible is a treasure!

    And I would have to say that four RL Allans is a wonderful idea... one intended for each child. Wouldn't that be a precious gift for them one day?!


    Jaime G


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