Thanksgiving Decor Inspiration

We've hosted Thanksgiving at our home several times, but isn't it nice to get some new ideas each year? 

I just love a beautifully - and thoughtfully - decorated table!

Here are a few decor ideas I have simmering in my head:

Country Living has a sentimental and elegant idea for decorating your table with family photos.. I'd like to see them in pretty frames.  Aren't you so very thankful for your family?  What a simple, frugal, and lovely way to make the day special ~

Another simple idea is to merely tie an autumn leaf around glass votives ~

What about Martha Stewart's idea for "leaves of thanksgiving"... wouldn't it be nice to have each family member write down a thing or two that they are thankful for this year, then arrange all of the leaves in a collage as a keepsake?  Each year you could set the previous years' collages out for the family to reminisce and peruse ~

And, for dinnerware, I love the contrast of this decorated plate against the gold plate and charger.  I already have gold plates (and chargers), so I will be keeping my eyes open for beautiful salad plates for layering ~
 What are your ideas for this Thanksgiving?  Have you found decor inspiration anywhere?

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  1. I love the family pictures along with the fruit for a centerpiece. May try that one this year ...have several sisters and their families coming for Thanksgiving and will be setting up many tables. Whee! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Great post! Love love love the leaves on votives!

    I am checking you out from Frugal Friday and I am now your newest follower. Follow me back to Free 2 Be Frugal!

  3. lovely ideas for a special Thanksgiving!
    I've enjoyed looking around your blog and the music is so peaceful and relaxing.
    have a wonderful day and a very happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Nice ideas. The leaves around the votives are really pretty; I've never seen that before. So simple, too :) I started a new tradition a few years ago with family photos. On Thanksgiving I like to put out (framed) pictures of family members that can't be with us for dinner, either because they live far away, or else because they have recently passed away. I put the photos on an extra table that I pull out for serving platters of stuffing, cranberries, etc. It makes me happy to feel like my beloved Nana is with us :)

  5. I loved your Thanksgiving centerpiece. I used the idea and took many of the family photos I had of my husband's family, because they were coming for dinner, one aunt had lost her husband 2 years ago. I used a nice photo of him and she absolutely adored the arrangement. She thanked me and now I thank you. What a precious gift to give someone who has recently lost a loved one. The photos brought about much conversation.

  6. Anonymous, Thank you so much for your kind words and for bringing a smile to my face today; I am so glad that the centerpiece idea was a blessing! I did it, too, and thought it was precious. Blessings to you and yours ~ xoxo


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