Menu Plan For The Week Of 11/14

An autumn weekend is the perfect time to bake my cinnamon raisin walnut bread
My sweet husband preached this morning, showed support at our church's charity brunch this afternoon, and then came home and finished putting up the last bit of fencing in our backyard.  He's worked hard today, and all the while I've been inside baking an apple dumpling cake, making fresh vegetable juice, entertaining the children, and getting some blogging done :)  It's been a productive day, and now my meal plan is complete for the week, too!

Breakfasts ~
Eggs with horseradish and dill
Toast with blueberry preserves
Maple pecan muffins
Oats with maple syrup, fruit, and almond paste
Cinnamon raisin walnut bread

Lunches ~
Leftovers or a quick sandwich

Dinners ~
Patio steaks with grilled potatoes and grilled carrots with honey-butter glaze
Potato soup with crumbled turkey bacon and crusty authentic pretzel bread
Cheesy chicken spaghetti (I think I may try a new bread recipe to go with this dish... if it's yummy, I'll share it with you all!  Stay tuned!)
Teriyaki stir fry with chicken and vegetables
Roasted chicken with roasted autumn vegetables over brown rice

What's for dinner at your house this week?  Any favorite recipes?


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