An Eventful Week... and a Build-a-Bear Deal for You!

I'm sorry for not posting more often this week, but we've had lots of fun and little time for blogging :)

Tuesday we went to the Morton Arboretum (think HUGE outdoor museum!) with friends, and the kids had a blast rolling down hills, climbing trees, and running through evergreen mazes. 

And yes, I spent time fishing pine needles out of one little mouth... poor little guy!  Apparently they did NOT taste good, lol.  Why am I not surprised? :)

Wednesday afternoon I had a sweet friend and her kids over... we made blueberry freezer jam and enjoyed fellowship, and had great conversations about God, homeschooling, baking, children, and dogs.  Lots to talk about!

Thursday, after lessons were done, I met two precious friends for lunch.... again, we had great conversation, and it was fun to try a new little cafe. 

Also, the past few weeks I've worked diligently to increase the inventory in my ebay store, and many of those items have been selling well over the last ten days or so... I've been taking pictures, creating listings, and shipping out.  This morning I shipped a package to Slovenia!

Today, we are heading up to Michigan to prepare for my husband's Iceman Race tomorrow.  He's very excited about mountain biking through the wind, rain, snow, and slush, as well as a forest, as he completes this exhausting ride.  Makes me tired just thinking about it, but I know he will do well, and I'm proud of his efforts to stay in shape and be a good steward of his health.

Fun family experiences are a finer thing, don't you think?  :)

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P.S.  There's a great Groupon deal you can get today:  $10 for $20 Worth of Make-Your-Own Bears or $25 for $50 Toward Any Build-A-Party Celebration at Build-A-Bear Workshop if you use this link: http://gr.pn/cGVVSm .  Click on the link, then choose Chicago as your city... you can use it at ANY LOCATION and it's good through 12/31.... Christmas bears or little outfits, maybe?!  What a great offer, but you have to buy it today!

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  1. Can you please share your esty site with us?

  2. Hi Claudia! Actually, it's all ebay, not etsy. Etsy would be nice, though! :) ~ Jaime


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