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A few years ago, we had an amazing dog - a labrador retriever named Junior.  Junior was part of the family; we had picked him out when he was only a few weeks old, and his birthday was just two days prior to our wedding day.  He was a pretty special guy.

He was in every family portrait we had taken.  Here's one from Christmas 2004, when Junior was nearly five years old, and it still hangs in our dining room to this day:

When our oldest son, Gentry, (an infant in the photo above) was only six months old, he was diagnosed with asthma.  We had many scary nights when he would struggle just to breathe.  On several occasions we found ourselves in the emergency room.  He was prescribed many different medications and breathing treatments.  After a year or so of this with no improvement, we were tired and terrified.

It was a heart-wrenching decision, but we decided that if we were going to make every effort possible to alleviate Gentry's asthma, then Junior needed a new home.  We met with a retired couple that adored Junior, and a few days later he went home with them.  I cried myself to sleep that night.  Hubby said we'd never get a dog again; he just felt too much pain in this process.  It was rough.

Fast forward a few more years... Doctors say that Gentry has "outgrown" his asthma (but I prefer to believe that God healed him).  We visit Junior from time to time; he has several acres to run and play in, a loving older couple that treats him royally, and fantastic medical care in his old age.  Chances are, he'll be gone soon. 

We've been wanting a dog again, and have been praying about the right opportunity. 

About three or four weeks ago, a friend offered us their twelve week old labrador pup.  A friend had given him to their family as a gift, but they weren't ready for a dog, and now.... HE'S PART OF OUR FAMILY!

Guess what we named him????

Better yet, guess who we took him to meet right away? :)

We are thrilled that God opened the door for us to have another dog, in His timing - one that will never replace Junior, but will hopefully be just as special in our family as he once was.

Have you guessed what we named him yet?!  Do you have a pet that's part of the family?

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  1. Cherylg, no, we named him Junior the second :) Great guess, though!

  2. I was thinking JJ meaning Junior Junior. I was thinking you would name the dog after your old dog. LOL


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