The Divine Plan For Bringing Up A Family

Where every day the Bible is read in a home in the ears of children, and its lessons simply and prayerfully taught, the effect is incalculable.  It was thus that God himself commanded his ancient people to do - to teach the truths of his word diligently to their children when they sat in the house and when they walked by the way, when they rose up and when they lay down. (Deut. ver. 6-9)  This was the divine plan for bringing up a family - not a lesson now and then, but the incessant, uninterrupted, and continuous teaching of the Holy Scriptures in the ears of the children.  Such teaching unconsciously assimilates the character to divine likeness.

~ JR Miller, 19th Century Preacher

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  1. If it seems like homeschooling isn't getting anywhere and I end up wondering what the point of it all is, that verse springs to mind. Thank you for the post.


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