10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kitchen Enthusiast

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Are you looking for some unique gift ideas for yourself or another mama that enjoys cooking and baking? 

Many of the items I've included here are fun - or just plain useful - kitchen items I've accumulated over the years, and you may enjoy giving (and getting!) some of them, too.  Most of them can be purchased on Amazon by using your Swagbucks, and then these gifts would cost even less! 

I've purposefully included ideas for a variety of budgets; for those mamas who only have $10 to spend to those that have $50.

You just might find a gift or two you'd like to receive on this list, too.

Let's get started!

1.  T-Sac Tea Filters- Perfect for a mama that enjoy a cup or two of tea in the morning!  Pair a package of these tea filters with a small container of loose tea and you have a beautiful, inexpensive gift. (under $10)

2.  Dish Drying Mat- Great for setting large pots and pans aside to dry, and folds up for easy storage when not in use.  Space-saving alternative to the traditional drying rack.  (under $15)

3.  Cherry Pitter- This may not get used very often, but it is very handy when I do need it!  You may even want to pair it with some cherry jam or cherry printed hand towel. (under $15)

4.  Gourmet Sea Salts- If you feel like a gift of gourmet salt isn't enough, you may also want to consider a beautiful Salt Box. (under $10)

5.  Olive Oil Sprayer- If you are having a hard time breaking free from fake non-stick sprays like Pam, you will love this Olive Oil Sprayer.  Maybe pair it with a small bottle of olive oil as a gift? (under $10)

6.  100% Pure Maple Syrup- Doesn't everyone LOVE real maple syrup?  I cringe every time I have to buy it, though... what a great gift this would make! (under $25)

7.   Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set- You can leave these sitting in the pan and they won't melt! (under $20)

8.  Dutch Oven / Cast Iron Pot- I like this one for its moderate price point and its versatility.  A dutch oven is great for making a variety of dishes, from stews and soups to larger pieces of meat.  I even bake bread in mine occasionally. (under $40)

9.  OXO Good Grips Containers- Fantastic for storing grains, sugar, pasta, etc.  Airtight, easy to open, and you can buy just one, a small set, or a large set.  You decide! (prices vary from $10 and up)

10.  Paring Knife by Cutco - One of the more pricey gift options, this would make a great gift for someone extra-special.  I have an entire set of Cutco knives, and my 2 3/4 paring knife is by far my favorite.  Consider making these knives a gift tradition; maybe buy one each year for your recipient until she has a set?  After a paring knife, I highly recommend one of their chef knives, or, for a bread baker, a bread slicing knife.  These knives make cooking prep much easier, and they will last a lifetime. (prices vary)

Soon, I'll be sharing some frugal do-it-yourself gift ideas that cost only $5 or less.  If you aren't a subscriber yet, now's a good time to sign up for free updates via email! 

What do YOU enjoy giving and getting at Christmas?

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  1. Great ideas. do you by chance have the drying mat? i was wondering about mold? We love our swagbucks! =0)

  2. cooperkelly4, I have a similar drying mat, but it's not that exact one. I've not had a problem with mold, and I think that may be because it dries fairly quickly. Mine can also be washed and dried if necessary. Hope that helps!


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