When the Sun is Setting Low ~

Some evenings we just want time to move slowly, maybe even stand still for a bit.  Don't you?

But the sun keeps trying to hide behind the horizon...

"Mommy, where is the sun going?" My oldest son asks, ever-so-sincerely.  "Is it going into the water?"

"No, honey..." My voice trails off, as I think for a minute.  "The sun has to go to the other side of the world so the people there can begin to have their morning... they have the sun while it's dark here and we're sleeping..."  Simple answer, yes, but it satisfies for now.

And then I thank God for little toes and footprints in the sand,

for the blessing of little boys with curious minds,

for a Godly man who is not only a treasure, but also a great husband and father,

and I pray to remember this sunset, those sweet faces, these precious moments, forever.

Thank you, Lord, for evenings like these.

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  1. Beautiful. I also have a son with an questing mind. He wears me out sometimes. Nice job answering yours. :)

  2. lately it seems that is all i am doing... praying to remember. moments. landscapes. sounds. so much. your evening at the beach is one i would tuck away for sure!

  3. These are the special times, as the song goes. The memories will warm you in the years to come.

    I'd love to have you link up with my new Simple Pleasures series some Thursday.

  4. DO you actually have that view from where you live?


  5. @QuicklyHome ~ Not from our home, but only about five minutes away :) It *is* beautiful!


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