On a Saturday Night in Chicago ~

Saturday evening, on a whim, we made a little jaunt into Chicago.  A couple of months ago I purchased a Fox & Obel Food Market gift certificate from Groupon and had been not-so-patiently waiting to use it!  (If you haven't tried out Groupon, please do - there are great deals to be had in a big city near you.  They will send you daily emails and let you know what the deal of the day is in your area.)  My certificate was for $40 worth of food, but it only cost me $20 on Groupon's site.

We'd been to Fox & Obel once or twice before, mostly to browse, and it is not known for it's reasonable prices, I can assure you of that.  Still, they have top quality foods to choose from, and several unique international foods as well.  It's a gourmet grocery store set right in the heart of downtown.

We made it a fun evening, and brought home some special treats for the mere $20 I spent ($40 value):

Kemp's milk (plain and chocolate!)
Organic greek yogurt (I usually make my own, but I needed a new starter)
Pluots (yum!)
Jelly Belly licorice mix (this was Gentry's... we allowed him to choose one treat for himself)
A wedge of Saxony's Raw Milk Cheese (LOVE THIS ONE!)
And then, we just had to grab a snack for the ride back home, so we added some gourmet cheddar and caramel popcorn to the cart, along with two Oranginas :)

I must admit, had the popcorn been marked with a price, I would have definitely chosen a different snack to travel home with.  Oh my!  But we had a great time together and the food was soooo yummy. 

It's fun to do something different once in awhile, isn't it?  Do you have any any memories of a unique trip or experience from this summer?  Please share!

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