This Little House On a Blustery Day

It's been a blustery day. 

There's a north wind blowing fiercely, roaring against our snug home, and we've a warning of nearly two feet of snow possible by morning.  Church was cancelled this evening, so we've been cozy and enjoying some measure of solitude before our normal schedule ensues tomorrow.

Weather like this always brings about a craving for good, hearty comfort food, so I baked a special treat for my three men: a savory chicken pot pie, with a cheese and parsley garnished crust, packed full with diced grilled chicken, winter vegetables, and a creamy, well-seasoned sauce.  One of my secrets?  A little thyme sprinkled inside ~

We enjoyed a very classic game or two of Old Maid, read through a chapter of Little House On the Prairie, and tried a different kind of devotional tonight; this one was based upon the beginning pages of The Story of the Bible

The children are in bed now, sleeping soundly, and I've just finished getting my flours soaking for tomorrow's breads.  I'll be baking my Cinnamon Walnut Raisin Bread this week, as well as a good, hearty loaf of wheat sandwich bread.  Our new bag of grain - organic hard white wheat - came in a couple of days ago, so I also took some time tonight to separate it into freezer bags and take it out to our extra freezer in the garage.  I think it keeps much better that way, if there's room in the freezer.  Ours is nearly full right now, but I managed to fit the grain in with a gentle push.

I'm terribly aware of the wind howling outside tonight, and my windows are rattling and icy, but I can't help but to think that just yesterday morning we had taken these ~

I pray you are warm and snug with your families tonight, enjoying His goodness and savoring each moment.  Time passes all too quickly, especially with little ones pattering around and all else that comes with managing and stewarding your precious home.  Your role, your work there is sacred and invaluable.

And for the new readers here, welcome; I'm so glad you've stayed awhile.  It was sweet of Crystal to share my easy Christmas cookie recipe, and I truly enjoy hearing from you, so thank you for subscribing  ~

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  1. Dear Jamie,
    We are warm tonight but that is because the sun and not the fire has been blazing all day! Such the opposite to your weather! I just wanted to pop by and say that I made the chai tea recipe you posted recently. It was delicious - not at all sickly sweet like some of the store bought versions I have tried. I packaged up the mix in jars and tied them up with cinnamon sticks popped under red ribbon. I presented the idea at the Christmas presentation I gave last Friday evening at my church. The mums who came along just loved this idea - they were all appreciated the simple but special ideas such as this for lovely gifts on a budget. So thank you for sharing this idea - it is being passed around and has reached down under!
    Stay warm - I'll try and stay cool!
    Blessings to you and your lovely family.

  2. That is a very warm and cozy post! We had a blustery day yesterday and had a nice time relaxing and spending time together. Enjoy your day!

  3. Cold weather is more bearable with snow on the ground, in my opinion. It seems to insulate or something, at least that's what I tell myself. :o) We just have frigid wind howling here. So thankful you all are snug and warm, what a delicious meal you prepared for your cozy time at home.

    I love stopping by your blog, always blessed by your sweet countenance.

  4. We had one year where we woke up to a ton of snow and no electricity. We sent out emails and made phone calls but ran over there (we live close) to see who showed up.

    We had about 30 people who didn't get the message and passed out quilts and had a special worship service by candlelight and all bundled up in coats, blankets and boots!

    Another year we had more warning and were able to cancel this service well ahead of time, although my hubby ran over to see if anybody showed up.

    I love the idea of putting cheese in your pot pie, I have never thought of that. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  5. Home is a beautiful place to be in this kind of weather ;-)


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