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Yesterday was quite an eventful day around here.

The morning was an especially early one for me ~ I spent much of it preparing for friends that were coming to visit in the evening.  Picking up toys, dusting furniture, running laundry... But then I baked one of these:

And also one of these:

Both are so very good paired with ice cream or coffee...

But, alas, I digress.

It was especially eventful here yesterday because of the many lovely ladies that came to visit Like a Bubbling Brook from Money Saving Mom.  Thank you, Crystal, for including my Homemade Chai Tea Kit idea on your DIY gift post.  It was a wonderful privilege to be included!

Yesterday's link lit an idea in me; I began to think of what a blessing sites like Money Saving Mom have been to our family - and many of you - over the last few years.  I remember following along with Crystal on a couple of her previous sites as well and was always so very encouraged by her posts.

So, today I thought I'd share a few of the other blogs that I've found to be a tremendous blessing, and each of these I've followed for at least a year, some two or three years.  Inevitably, I may not agree with everything they've shared on their sites over the course of time, but the inspiration has been invaluable ~

Eyes of Wonder - She doesn't post often anymore, but her photos, stories of family, and simplicity have been a treasure.  Her children are mostly grown and she has many lessons and thoughts to share.

Cultivating Home - She raises chickens and ducks, lives simply, is rehabbing a beautiful old home for pennies on the dollar, and has such beautiful children; we've never met in person, but I often feel like we are the oldest of friends when I am reading her posts.

The Prudent Homemaker - She says that her site is dedicated to all those who struggle to put food on the table, but I've found her site to be much more than that; her recipes are frugal and delicious, her gardening and canning abilities inspire me, and I really, really desire a thoughtful, well-stocked pantry like the one she's created.

And last, but certainly not least, is my sweet friend Mrs. June Fuentes's blog, A Wise Woman Builds Her HomeWhen I first came across her blog a couple of years ago I had no idea that we lived near each other and would one day be spending time with each other's families.  She is a well of wisdom, and I never tire of gleaning from her.  I highly recommend her Christian Mother Series if you have the time.

Be blessed and encouraged today, ladies ~ you were created for such a time as this, in His image, and He knows the plans He has for you.

Do you have a favorite site or blog that you've followed for a year or more?  I'd love to hear about it in the comment section!

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  1. Hello Jaime,
    I came over from Raising Homemakers. Being a chai lover it immediately caught my eye. I read you like Brandy's site The Prudent Homemaker. I did a wonderful interview with her here on my blog: http://blueberrycottage.blogspot.com/2010/10/interviewthe-prudent-homemaker.html

    She will also be guest posting a Christmas interview on my blog in December:-)



  2. Suzanne, I remember reading the interview; I believe she linked to it on her site. I'll look forward to reading her guest post on your blog soon!


  3. One of my very favorites is Home Living by Lydia Sherman http://homeliving.blogspot.com
    There is also Your Sacred Calling and The Ladies Against Feminism blog.


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