Menu Plan Monday: Frugal & Healthy Meal Plan

I am linking this post with the Menu Plan Monday event going on at I'm an Organizing Junkie. Check it out! You may get some more ideas for yummy meals :o)

Last week I ended up spending more out of our grocery budget than I had intended, so this week we are keeping things pretty simple and using some pantry items. My plan is to spend no more than $30 at the store this week; my normal budget is $65 a week.

Here's what we have planned:

Breakfast Options
Veggie juice
Blueberry pancakes
Fresh fruit

Lunch Options
Turkey provolone veggie wraps
BLTs (using turkey bacon)
Chili-topped baked potatoes

Dinner Options
Homemade linguine w/ white beans, spinach, garlic
Chili pie with cheesy potato top crust
Bean & barley soup
Lentil dhal with chapatis
Latino chicken and rice

We'll have leftovers for dinner one evening, as well as eat out one evening.

Happy meal planning to you! :o)


  1. Hi, Jaime, your menu looks yummy! It looks like we're on a similar budget this week. I'm commiting to spending only $25 for our family of 11. I enjoy the challenge, don't you?

  2. Hello, Avivah! Thanks for stopping by. I agree; I enjoy the challenge :o) I hopped over to your blog... your recipes are wonderful... so you grind your own grain? What kind of grain mill do you use? I'm using an old German one right now, but I'm coveting the Tribest mill, lol :o)

  3. I will also be eating from the pantry this week- attempting to spend no more than $13 at the grocery store for basics! Good luck with your menu plan.

  4. Avivah & Rachel, I did it! I stayed within my $30 budget.... and just posted about it! :o)

  5. Hi! I just found your site from the Apostolic Homeschoolers site. What a nice surprise to find someone just like me? LOL We follow the Dave Ramsey plan, have no debt other than the house and live by a very specific budget. We budget a bit more than you for groceries...$150 for 2 weeks...but we are pretty happy with that considering when we got married and it was just the 2 of us, we'd spend $150 every week! Now there are 5 of us. :-) We used to go out to eat all the time, too. What a waste of money!

  6. Sheila, that's great! It's so good to connect with you! It is nice to find someone like me, because I am certainly a rare bird :o) And our grocery budgets are awfully similar. I'll bet your kiddos are little older than mine and thus eat a little more! I'm off to check out your posts, now... let's keep in touch!


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