One Way To Take Tea

This is how I've been enjoying my tea ~

One cup of steaming hot water, with one peach tea bag, steeped for about five minutes, then drizzled with honey and cooled slightly with half and half.

So good.

What have you been enjoying in these cooler months?

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  1. I really love Hot Chocolate. But not the sugar.
    So, I have made a healthier version by taking two teaspoons of either carob powder or unsweetened cocoa powder and a packet of Stevia.
    After filling the mug with water, 3/4 full, I add some organic whole milk.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Blessings Malinda @ vintagehomesteademporium

  2. Enjoying a cup of green tea right now, straight up, no embellishments.


  3. Soy vanilla lattes, Mocha coffee, and green tea mix with apple cider is delicious :-)

  4. I've been enjoying lots of tea this winter as well. My favorite is orange spice lightly sweetened with several drops of Stevia. The Half and Half sounds good too. I was going to add some coconut milk to mine this morning, but forgot. :)

  5. I'll have to try that. I love
    peach tea.
    I'm following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com

  6. I love green tea with a TBS of coconut butter, a squirt of honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper - odd sounding I know but so delicious. If I can't have it that way I love the tea plain. Or if I have had enough caffeine for the day I just drink hot water. It is the warmth I love!


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