Guest Post: 5 Lessons I Learned From My Children

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~ Precious mamas, my family is off on a little adventure this week, and I'm honored to have special guests sharing with you in my absence.  Today, the lovely Jasmine from Far Above Rubies shares with us some lessons she's learned while raising her six little blessings. I'm excited about introducing her to you!  I'll be back with you all next week to share some exciting news! ~

Five Lessons I've Learned From My Children:

1.  Do not share family plans with small children in advance.

If I share thoughts of a trip to the park, a visit to a friend’s house, or a walk around the corner in advance, I’m bombarded with questions before the actual event.

Numerous little mouths going a hundred miles an hour is not fun, so it is best to keep quiet until the moment you are ready to do what you set out to do.

2.  Relationship triumphs over religion.

I can preach and teach God until I’m blue in the face, but if my children do not sense love, mercy, and forgiveness I sound like noise (1 Cor. 13).

Children respond more readily to a gentle and quiet mother who is also firm and consistent. Mom seeks to know and shepherd her children while maintaining authority and respect.  Religion can be harsh and driven while relationship is developed and nurtured.

3.  Let your "yes" be yes and your "no" be no.

When you say you’re going to do something, do it. Follow your words with actions. It gives a sense of security and stability to know mommy and daddy mean what they say.

4.  Give children what they need.

It’s incredibly easy to give into our children’s pleas for toys, gadgets, and sweet treats, but if they do not need it - then don’t give it. For example, if your child is cranky and overly stimulated give them a nap, not food.

When I give my children what they need, the family experiences greater peace and order.

5.  No lectures.

When I see a glazed look in my children’s eyes I know I’ve talked too long. The phrase “No lectures or speeches allowed” should be hung up in capital letters somewhere in your home; that is, if you’re like me, and prone to drag the point home!

Short and quick works much better than a long and drawn out speech about bickering with brother.

Use reinforcement if needed, but be quick, firm, and loving.

Jasmine is happily married and a full-time homemaker and mother of six. She is the author and founder of Far Above Rubies, a ministry dedicated to equipping women in their roles as wives, mothers, and homemakers.  Be sure to visit her there!


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  1. This is a great post and I can totally relate. I remember when the kids were little we waited until two weeks before to tell them they were going to Disneyland, but the two week wait was super long for them (and us, lol)!

    Can also say a hearty amen to the lectures, because I've seen my kid's eyes glaze over when I've tried to drive the point home in one to many ways. We can make our point without a 45 minute lecture, lol!

    Thanks for posting to Making Your Home Sing Monday. However, I didn't see a courtesy link back to the blog post. I'd appreciate it if you could do that so that your readers could also see what others are doing! Thanks!

  2. Jaime, I giggle when I read #s 1 & 3... because they can both go together. I remember when our oldest was little, we found out very quickly that we could not even mention something as being tentative-- as far as plans go. Anything that we even mentioned was, in her little mind, a verbal contract that she would hold us to. We exchanged many conversations with her trying to explain that sometimes things just don't work out. After a few of those, she had little advanced notice to anything while she was loaded into the minivan! That really brought back a funny memory... :)

  3. @Nan, sorry about the link; I'll do it right now. I had every intent to and then was pulled out the door :) Thanks for commenting, and for the reminder!

  4. Agreeing with your wise thinking with rules #1 and #3, I never "promise" anything to my children, either. Even if there are set plans I can follow through and they're old enough to know ahead of time, I still always say, "Lord-willing." Life doesn't always happen according to our plans, even our good plans.

    I think rule #3 builds trust and helps show the Heavenly Father's promises are yea and amen. We are trying to imitate His parenting.

    Great list! I'm a lot like my kids, my eyes sometimes glaze over at long blogs, even my own. You did a great job in presenting a lot of encouragement in a succint way.

  5. Thank you, ladies. Yes, 1 and 3 hit home for me too. ;-) Such a good lesson to learn.

    Jaime, thanks for the opportunity to write here on Like a Bubbling Brook. I enjoyed it so much.

  6. This was an awesome post- needed to hear this! Thank you!

    Tiffany @ www.mamassimpleblessings.blogspot.com


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