Crown Financial Ministries' Money Restoration Kit - Free!

Some of you who have followed this site for awhile may remember how instrumental Crown Financial Ministries (formerly Christian Financial Concepts) was to our vision for getting out of debt.  Your Money Map, written by Crown's founder Howard Dayton, is one of my favorite books on budgeting and debt-free living.

Right now they are offering a completely free Money Restoration Kit, which includes:

■20-minute teaching video from Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries

■The "Money Restoration Guide" (a practical budget planning guide)

■A Crown Money Map™

■Other tools that will assist you all year long
What a wonderful gift to offer in the beginning of a new year, while many are trying to get back on track financially!
If you like what you see there, you may want to come back here and use my link to get a free trial of their online envelope budgeting software, Crown Mvelopes.  We've used it for several years and it is an invaluable tool for tracking your finances.  My referral link will get you two weeks free to try it, and if you end up continuing after that, an additional 20% discount as well.  Their rate plans are very affordable, and they are risk-free; you can cancel anytime.
I hope some of you find the free kit useful!  It sounds very inspiring!

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  1. Thanks for the info. I ordered it right away and can't wait to get it. I love your blog!!


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