For Our Musically Inclined Oldest Son ~

Piano lessons have officially begun!

Gentry has loved music since birth, or so it seems.

For his first birthday we gave him a simple toddler drum set, and I think it was the only toy he played with for months.  A couple of years ago, we happened upon a vintage Kimball piano, and brought it home with help from a friend.

We've been discussing music lessons for some time now, and last year at Christmas we made the acquaintance of a dear man who has performed at the White House, at the request of the President, and at other times before governors and mayors.

We are certainly nothing special, and feel tremendously blessed that this man has agreed to travel to our home and begin to teach our son the piano.  He is a kind man, and seems to be a very astute, detailed teacher.

We have high hopes for Gentry's musical abilities, and are praying that God multiplies his talent and interest in this area.  It would also be a nice addition, at some point in the future, to our family devotional time.

Do you have a child that plays an instrument?  At what age did he/she begin lessons?

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  1. My 9 yo son plays the piano. He started a couple years ago. My 7 yo daughter (as of yesterday :-) ) started this Fall. Hope your son does well! What a blessing that this man can come to your home to teach your son!

  2. That is so awesome that your son is going to have this opportunity! My sons are blessed with music abilities. My oldest Brad plays the piano,Brent plays the drums, and Brock plays the bass and drums. They play by ear though...your son learning notes...that is wonderful!!

    Take care!!

  3. Frances, I'm thrilled that he wants to play... it's something I always wanted to do but was awful at! And all three of your boys play? Wow! How wonderful!

  4. Ours take piano as well. It is a skill that will serve them well. For my oldest it has allowed him to accompany at church & in nursing homes. Music is such a bridge to people. Wonderful that yours is starting on this journey!

  5. What a blessing!!
    It will bless you more than you can imagine when he plays something for you or when you are pensive and he starts playing some hymns, scripture songs, Beethoven, Mozart or even Pachelbel ... We love it!

    Our oldest daughter (13) plays the piano, violin, and psaltery. She is also teaching her 8yo sister to play the piano and her brother (who has special needs)!
    The blessings from children learning musical instruments are beyond words!!
    They are able to minister to so many. Music is calming and beneficial to the body.

    To God be all the glory!!

  6. I have an 8 year old student that I have been teaching for a little over a year. The books that are written for children are amazing - they learn a little at a time and before you know it they're playing songs! My favorite exchange, at the end of a lesson, was this:
    Me: "Do you have any questions?"
    KK: "No. But I have a statement."
    Me: "A statement?"
    KK: "Yes, this is easy!"

    I loved it! The light came on and she has progressed steadily all year.

  7. My oldest was musically inclined as well. He had learned to read music at school in second grade with the recorder and that is the year we began piano with the pastor's wife. In grade 5, he took band at school and learned to play the trumpet. His interest waned in the piano, but we felt he was still in music so let the lessons slide. Once he was in middle school, we started encouraging the piano again and sometimes bribing, but he began playing again and hasn't stopped! He developed his own style and at 30, is the pianist in his church. We are so glad we allowed him the time with the trumpet and also that we encouraged the piano again after a couple of years.


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