Today and Every Day I Am Grateful For...

...my children.

I suppose our family was formed a little differently than many other families; both of my children were born of our heart, not of my belly :)

God has been gracious in allowing us to share in the lives of our two precious boys, from the day of their birth.

And, last week, we celebrated our oldest son's birthday... but we also celebrated the anniversary of God loaning us a child for this short life of ours, to raise him to be God-honoring, holy, and pure, so that he may be sensitive to hear the voice of God as he continues to grow, physically as well as spiritually.  May he one day impact this world for Christ!  This is my prayer!

Gifts are nice, and he received many of them, but they pale in comparison to the daily gifts that God generously gives to us. 

From one who has felt the pain of infertility and childlessness, let me never cease to rise up and proclaim that children are a blessing, not a burden. 

I love the words that the old preacher JR Miller once penned: "It is a new marriage when the first-born enters the home...an immortal life, to be guided and trained... Self is no longer at the center.  There is a new object to live for, an object great enough to fill all their life and engross their highest powers.  It is only when the children come that life becomes real, that parents begin to learn to live."

I am grateful for these precious gifts - these sacred blessings - and I am overjoyed that God granted me the honor of being their mama. 

Teach us to live, oh Lord, with these little ones under our wings.

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  1. What a beautifully, touching post Jaime. What precious blessings God has given you in your two sons.


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