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Last week, I heard a minister reference the scripture above (Joshua 24:15) and make this statement, "Many of us in the 21st century forget the 'and my house' portion of this verse."
How many of us have witnessed families that are in disarray - for a multitude of reasons - and parents that are too tired and discouraged to spend the necessary time (in person *and* in prayer) to train their children to walk in truth?  How many of us have struggled with it ourselves?
And then today I stumbled upon a similar and very convicting devotional:

"Nothing in this world means more to God than a beautiful home of love and prayer.

Each member of the family has a share. There is the husband's part. He must love his wife and give himself to her, as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it. This is a high order of love. The wife has a part. She is to love her husband and live for her home. There is a part also for parents. They live for their children. They care for them. They train and teach them. They show them how to live. They are the revealers and interpreters of God to them. There is a part also in the home-making for the children. They are to obey their parents.

People sometimes say facetiously that in these days the commandment runs, "Parents, obey your children." Where this is the interpretation, it is an unhappy reversal.

The true Christian home is one in which love rules, and where each one fills his own place."
{from J.R. Miller's devotional Morning Thoughts for Every Day of Life}
I love that last sentence, especially the thought that a true Christian home is one in which LOVE rules, because I know that God is loveOh, that my home would be one in which love rules, one that brings honor to Him!  Not a home of strife, or vanity, or the pleasures of this world, but of love.  Love that requires commitment, and action, and truth, but is also quick to offer grace and compassion when we fail miserably, like God so quickly and lovingly offers to us time and time again.

This is one of my most passionate prayers; how about you?

Have a lovely day, my friends ~

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  1. Jaime, I loved this post!! On the days when my family is in disarray I can't help but think how much entertainment we're giving the devil and the victory that is within reach...

    I also love the handwriting the verse is written in, so lovely.


  2. Jaime, thanks so much for this post. My prayer has been lately to love more not just with a "oh I love my children, or I love my husband", but with a Godly love that goes way deeper. I ask God to make me even more passionate about being a homemaker. I kinda get into a lull because my girls are older and they do so much to keep our home. Thanks again, it is what has been on my heart.

  3. I had never heard that "parents obey your children" one before. But I am sometimes amazed whenever I go out at parents who are NOT parenting their children.

    Sometimes it does seem as if there are parents who truly don't know how or don't care enough to train their children nowadays, so they just send them to school or church, etc., and hope that someone else will do it.

    I think that sometimes they try but that they expect immediate results, so they get frustrated and give up perhaps.

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  4. Wonderful post! Truly my prayer for my home also. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful post...I enjoyed reading it!

  6. Thank you so much for this encouraging & convicting post! I LOVE how the Lord puts messages into our hearts & then confirms them through different people.
    In His Grip,

  7. I also appreciate your hand in God's teachings about love. He seems to working themes in my life right now! You're right there - in tune with Him.

  8. Yes, this is such a great truth. When we reverse God's intentions for our roles of love in the home, there is strife and disorder. We would make such an impact within and outside of our homes, if God's love would rule.

    Thank you for linking this up to Marriage Mondays this week!


  9. I agree with Erin. The devil is throwing a party when our families are in disarray. lately my home has given him much to rejoice about. we have been too busy and not staying Christ centered!

  10. Jaime,

    Thank you for this post. My husband and I work extremely hard to be representatives of Christ in and out of our home.

    Faith on Fire

  11. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks so much for linking up with me today over at Good Morning Girls! I loved reading what you posted today! My pastor was just talking about that very topic this past Sunday! I want my home to be a house full of God's love and grace too!

    Love God Greatly!


  12. Jamie, this is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  13. Jamie, thank you for this wonderful, encouraging post. This is definately my prayer for my family and home. May God bless you!


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