Wild Edibles, Sunny Savage, and the Taste of Chicago!

Wild edibles: Have you tried them? Ever thought about it?

A couple of days ago, while on our local bike trail, we stopped to pick wild raspberries. While we were there, another family stopped to pick wild berries, too. This year, we’ve seen many people on our local trails picking and enjoying both wild raspberries and mulberries.

I’d love to learn more about wild edibles, and the one question that keeps coming to mind is, “How do we know what’s safe to eat?”

That’s why I am so excited to find out about Sunny Savage. She is a wild edibles “expert” that not only discusses what is edible, but also some great ways to prepare these wild foods in a meal. She goes into the wild, picks up different ingredients, and then proceeds to use them in various recipes. These are healthy recipes made from real natural ingredients. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “all natural,” don’t you think?

An affiliate with Veria TV contacted me a few days ago and asked me to share some info about Sunny with my readers, and I thought it was a great idea. Sunny has her own show on Veria (via Dish Network), and a few clips and recipes from her show are also posted on her show’s web site, Hot On The Trail With Sunny Savage. I’ve enjoyed sampling portions of her show online (a nice alternative, since we don’t have television). She always seems to be filming in beautiful, tropical places… Did you know Hawaii has a wild foods festival?!

Now, for all of you local mamas, mark your calendars: Sunny is going to be doing a cooking demo at the Taste of Chicago this upcoming weekend! Were you planning on going? You’ll definitely want to check her out on stage at the Dominick’s Cooking Corner, near the Buckingham Fountain.

Here are the times for her live demos:

Friday, July 2
6:00pm – 7:00pm

Saturday, July 3
5:00pm – 6:00pm

And, whether you are near Chicago or not, here is a perk that everyone can enjoy… simply enter to win a trip to Hawaii on the Veria web site, and get a free organic lip balm in the mail.

Best wishes to you!

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  1. I was just talking with a lady who sells farm fresh eggs...she told me that she prefers mulberries because they're easier to harvest (shake the tree and they fall down) than blackberries (pluck one by one in the midst of thorns). But I'm with you--without someone's help, like a Sunny, I'm a little nervous to start popping things into my mouth. I think it's sad that our generation is rather ignorant of what we could eat. My mom mentioned dandelion greens on my post about greens, pointing out that they could be eaten. And my neighbor said she grew up eating wild kale, pointing to a weed growing right next to where I was standing.

    I have a lot to learn.

  2. @Ann ~ You're right, it is sad that we are so ignorant of such things. When we picked raspberries a few days ago, I asked the other family (also picking) how they knew what to pick; the man said that his mother taught him. What a treasure!

    I need to learn so much more :o)


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