Weekly Round-Up: Good posts from other places

Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up! 

First, have you noticed a couple of changes to the LABB site this week?  I now have a Recipe Index page where you can view the small, but growing list of recipes in a hurry. 

Also, the site's sidebar has a section outlining how you can help support the LABB site.   Basically, you can support us by:
1) Purchasing from Amazon.com using the "books worth reading" banner in our sidebar; once you enter Amazon this way, I get a credit for *anything* you purchase, simply because you entered through this site.

2) Joining Swagbucks.com using my banner ad below. Use Swagbucks for your normal internet searching to earn free Amazon.com gift cards... I get credit for every Swagbuck you earn, up to the first 1000.

3) Clicking on the Google ads in various places on the site, if they are of interest to you. I get credit when you simply click!

4) Signing up for the free two week trial of Mvelopes, shown in a banner ad below. It's a great online "envelope" system budgeting program that we've used for nearly four years. We love it, and get credit when you simply sign up for the free trial. It's won many awards, and is also promoted by Crown Financial Ministries.

5) Passing this site or an interesting post of ours along to your friends, so that our readership continues to grow.
Now, on to the good posts from other places this week... 

My sweet, real flesh-and-blood friend Rachel wrote a convicting post about slowing down and enjoying this season of life.  Ouch.  If this was written for no one else, it was written for me :o)

Generation Cedar talks about being a "deliberate" mother.

Trent @ Simple Dollar suggests that we spend our money on time, not stuff.  He also had another great post about having a family dinner night with friends.  Maybe we should try this...

Hannah @ Cultivating Home discusses young boys and their behavior

In a similar theme, A Wise Woman Builds Her Home talked about not hurrying or being hasty in our daily lives.

Have a wonderful weekend!  It's supposed to be beautiful here in Chicagoland!

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