Weekly Round-Up: Good posts from other places

Ah, yes, it's time for the weekly round-up yet again :o)  There have been some great posts in the blogosphere this week!  If you'll remember, the premise of Like a Bubbling Brook is nurturing family, nourishing food, and practicing frugality.  I'm going to break down the linky love into the same categories.

Having to do with nurturing family:

Kelly @ Generation Cedar shares a beautiful letter to her children about marriage.

Jasmine, daughter of Dr. Voddie Baucham (who some of you may be familiar with), writes about how significant home is in light of the Great Commission.

Having to do with nourishing food:

I'm excited.  If you check out Finding Joy in My Kitchen, you'll see that my 100% Whole Grain Cinnamon Raisin Bread made her Friday Favorites list.  How cool is that?!  Check out her blog while you are there... she has lots of great recipes!

Good & Cheap Eats shares some great ideas for making homemade cinnamon rolls in advance, rather than the morning of.  I wonder if I can make them with hard white wheat?  I think I'm going to try.

Having to do with practicing frugality:

Kim recently attended a Dave Ramsey seminar... so she shares some insightful and often witty Dave Ramsey quotes.

JD @ Get Rich Slowly writes an inspirational post about NOT keeping up with the Joneses.  How much is enough?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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