Simple But Delicious

Some of the best meals are the simple ones, don't you think?

This week we feasted on one our favorites, which is loosely based on a recipe for Absolutely Ultimate Potato Soup, paired with a tuna sandwich served on homemade focaccia-style bread.

Nothing fancy, but so good.

What simple meals do you enjoy?


  1. I know what you mean. There is very little that beats the lovely simplicity of a lovely baked loaf of bread (I've been using the Artisan in 5-minute a day method lately). Also I'm amazed at how much my girls like yogurt with just about anything-cut up fruit, walnuts, etc.

  2. We love yogurt, too! And there are so many ways to dress it up, like you mentioned. Sometimes we have it for breakfast AND dessert... lol :o)


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