Health Care Alternative for Christians: Medi-Share

In light of all the recent news regarding the heath care reform, I thought I'd share information about a Christian medical sharing program we recently joined.  I love this concept, and we have friends who have been members for years and are very pleased as well.  Their monthly rates are very reasonable.  We are excited about being a part of Medi-Share!

We received this email from them today:
"I am writing today to share with you what we believe is great news … Christians everywhere are eligible to receive a special exemption from the taxes, penalties and mandates in the Patient Affordable Care Act.

Our economy is bad enough and according to a recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers, our government has passed a law that will make health insurance premiums rise by 40% in the next three years. Christians everywhere are already looking at their finances and wondering, "How am I going to be able to afford decent healthcare?"

But there is good news! As a health share ministry, Medi-Share has provided Christians will an alternative to the high cost of insurance since 1993. Healthcare Sharing Ministries like Medi-Share are the only organized healthcare concept to receive an exemption from the regulations and costs of the recently passed law. (page 327, H.R. 3590 as passed).
We are grateful to God for His mercy, favor and protection over our ministry. Since 1993, Medi-Share members have saved more than $470 Million in healthcare expenses through sharing and discounting. But best of all, Medi-Share offers a true community of shared commitment to biblical values!"
If you are frustrated with the direction of the health care reform, would you consider taking a peek at Medi-Share?  If you find they are not for you, I've also heard good things about Samaritan Ministries.

It's good to know there are alternatives!  Feel free to call our Medi-Share representative personally for more information.  His name is Shawn, and he can be reached at 1-800-772-5623, x2307.  Tell him I sent you!


  1. For the comparison shopper, you can also check out Samaritan Ministries (another national health care sharing ministry) at www.samaritanministries.org.

  2. Thanks for popping by, Mr. Lansberry. I've heard good things about Samaritan Ministries as well, and I did link to their site in my post. Both programs are wonderful options!


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